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Mi marido tiene familia, also known as Mi marido tiene más familia for the second season and stylized onscreen as Mi marido tiene + familia, is a Mexican comedy telenovela that premiered on Las Estrellas on June 5, 2017 and ended on February 24, 2019. Produced for Televisa by Juan Osorio and Roy Rojas and created by Héctor Forero López and Pablo Ferrer García-Travesí, based on the South Korean series My Husband Got a Family written by Park Ji-eun and produced by KBS. It stars Zuria Vega, Daniel Arenas, Diana Bracho and Silvia Pinal.

The series revolves around Robert Cooper, a doctor who was adopted by a Colombian American family, but wants to know who his biological parents are. His wife, Julieta Aguilar is in charge of helping him find his family, but she fears that they won’t accept her.

On October 18, 2017, Juan Osorio confirmed that the show has been renewed for a second season. The second season premiered on July 9, 2018.

Mi marido tiene familia (2017)

Julieta (Zuria Vega) and Robert (Daniel Arenas) have the perfect relationship: they both have their job, they share their dreams and have agreed to not get married. For them, the secret lies in two points: communication and the fact that the adoptive family of Robert lives in another country, saving them the problems of dealing with the in-laws. However, fate has prepared a surprise when they must move to an apartment in a modest area of Oaxaca. There they meet the owners of the building, the Córcega family, not knowing that they are the true family of Robert and that his real name is Juan Pablo. From there, Robert / Juan Pablo and Julieta will have to learn to live with their in-laws, Blanca (Diana Bracho) and Eugenio (Rafael Inclán), and the sisters-in-law, with all the demands that this entails: a battle between tradition and modernity (including to have the couple get married), a whirlwind of emotions and adventures. If they want to achieve the happiness they are looking for, Julieta and Juan Pablo must learn to live with their new family, even if this is more complicated than they thought.

Mi marido tiene más familia (2018–19)

Finally, Julieta has managed to maintain a personal and professional life with balance, next to Robert and his children: David, 4 years old and Blanquita, small one and a half years old. Again, the Córcega family will face a series of problems when Robert finds his grandfather, Canuto “Tito” Córcega (Carlos Bracho), the “deceased” father of Eugenio, Tulio and Audifaz, whom Doña Imelda made believe that he had died when this He was unfaithful to Crisanta decades ago. On the other hand, Julieta goes through hot flashes with the arrival of Susana Córcega (Susana González), as her new boss, but Susana is nothing more and nothing less than the daughter that Canuto and Crisanta procreated in Baja California, and together they get to know the rest Córcega to Oaxaca. Susana will test Julieta’s ability to excel; she can not believe that her new boss is Robert’s blood-related aunt and, therefore, her political aunt. Believing that fate is determined to put more obstacles than he has already had to cross, definitely so it is, because now Julieta has more political family, something that she always wanted to flee. Daniela and Gabriel The bears, have built a stable marriage before the conflicts of their families: the Córcega and the Musi. Daniela will take on a greater challenge when Gabriel asks her to have a son, in itself it was to marry him and his family to accept it. This will trigger even more problems between families.

For Robert, it is a real miracle to have found all the Córcega, of which they also join: Sebastián and Axel, sons of Susana and cousins of Robert. The remaining members of the Córcega family will detonate a new thread that will be: the fights. This implies new challenges in the life of the Oppas; Julieta and Robert, and together they will demonstrate that, in spite of the problems of the families and the modern marriages, they will be able to follow ahead, seeing by their well-being.


Ver Mi marido tiene familia Capitulo 153: Capítulos Completos de Mi marido tiene familia Capitulos Completos Online, Ver Mi marido tiene familia Online Gratis hd.

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