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No te puedes esconder is a Spanish-language television series produced by Isla Audiovisual for Telemundo and distributed in the worldwide by Netflix. The series is filmed in Spain and is composed of 10 episodes. It stars Blanca Soto and Eduardo Noriega It premiered on 30 September 2019.


  • Blanca Soto as Mónica
  • Eduardo Noriega as Daniel
  • Iván Sánchez as Álex
  • Maribel Verdú as Inspectora Urrutia
  • Samantha Siqueiros as Natalia
  • Peter Vives as Alberto Torres
  • Patricia Guirado as Eli
  • Jorge Bosch as Velasco
  • Pere Ponce as El Comisario
  • Juan Caballero as Humberto
  • Jordi Planas as Gabriel


    • Plutarco Haza as Sánchez
    • Adrián Ladrón as Hugo
    • Gabriel Porras as De la Cruz
    • Julio Casados as Andrés
    • Giuseppe Gamba as Diego
    • Bárbara Goenaga as Ana
    • Eduardo Trucco as Pete


The series was announced in May 2019 during the Telemundo Upfront for the 2019-2020 television season. The filming of the series lasted 12 weeks, with 58 working days. The production had a budget in the Madrid region of 5 million euros and the hiring of 75 people in the artistic team, 103 technicians and several service companies in the city. Among the locations in the Madrid city have been present Plaza de Callao, Gran Vía, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza de Oriente and Puente de Segovia. The series is produced by Isla Audiovisual for Telemundo and Netflix. It is directed by Alejandro Banazzo, Álex de Pablo at the head of the photograph, and Carlos Bodelón as creative director.


Season Timeslot (ET) Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 Mon–Fri 10pm/9c TBA 30 September 2019 TBD TBA TBD TBD


No. Title  Directed by Written by Original air date  US viewers
1 “La fuga” Alejandro Bazzano TBA 30 September 2019 TBD
A terrorist attack in Spain surprises Daniel, a hitman who has been hired to kill Mónica, a Mexican woman who years ago fled her country with her daughter, leaving behind her dark past.
2 “La pista” TBA TBA 1 October 2019 TBD
Daniel discovers that Mónica saved his life, but still continues with his purpose of killing her. Natalia calls her mother and uses an unusual phrase, as a clue to make Mónica understand that she is in danger.
3 “El tatuaje” TBA TBA 2 October 2019 TBD
Mónica refuses to accept Daniel’s help, but not finding enough support in the authorities or in Álex, Daniel becomes increasingly essential for her.
4 “Evidencias del crimen” TBA TBA 3 October 2019 TBD
Photographs of the body of Prats are leaked to the press. Mónica puts her life in danger by going after her daughter’s kidnappers. Álex begins to suspect Daniel’s intentions.
5 “En peligro” TBA TBA 4 October 2019 TBD
Mónica ends up badly injured in the hands of the Russians. The key clue to Natalia’s whereabouts is farther away. Natalia reaches her final destination.
6 “La verdad” TBA TBA 7 October 2019 TBD
Daniel is forced to confess the truth to Mónica. Eli receives threats from Torres and the police find out that she is a politician’s lover.
7 “Un nuevo sospechoso” TBA TBA 8 October 2019 TBD
A mysterious yellow envelope, with information about a murder 20 years ago in Mexico, arrives at the hands of Urrutia. A new suspect of Beatriz Prats’ crime appears.
8 “Destino final” TBA TBA 9 October 2019 TBD
Mónica confirms that Natalia’s final destination was Mexico. Daniel remembers the reason that led him to accept killing Mónica. Natalia escapes with help from Hugo.
9 “Intuición” TBA TBA 10 October 2019 TBD
Natalia finds out who ordered her kidnapping. Mónica, already in Mexico, seeks help from the DEA. Alex writes a farewell letter to Eli and starts his plan. Velasco is convinced that Urrutia knows more than it seems.
10 “Cara a cara” TBA TBA 11 October 2019 TBD
Monica is face to face with her ex-husband. Álex is forced to become an eternal fugitive.


Ver No te puedes Esconder Capitulo 6: Capítulos Completos de No te puedes Esconder, No te puedes Esconder Capitulos Completos Online, Ver No te puedes Esconder Online Gratis hd.

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